Danish family-owned business develops innovative mobile dishwasher so
festival guests can wave goodbye to disposable plastic cups

About ReWash

Cheers – and goodbye to disposable plastic

HOTRI Storkøkken has developed a dishwasher that can both clean and dry. It can be tailored to individual needs and clean from 1000 to 9000 glas per hour. The dishwasher offers both length and width customization and can be made as an either mobile or stationary machine. It is designed with a specially designed drying zone and is adjustable in regards to cup sizes.

“ReWash means goodbye to disposible plastic cups – not only at festivals, but also at concerts, soccer matches and other festive events. The dishwasher can fit in anywhere as its size is customizable. Therefore cups can be reused over and over by guests.”

Jesper Trier Hansen, Sales Manager at HOTRI Storkøkken


ReWash at
Roskilde Festival

About us

HOTRI Storkøkken

HOTRI Storkøkken is a family-owned business founded in 1830. HOTRI develops sustainable, industrial solutions for commercial kitchens and has, amongst other projects, developed the organic food concept “EAT” in cooperation with
the Muncipality of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Food House. Thanks to “EAT” every child attending school in the city of Copenhagen has the opportunity for a lunch meal that is at least 90% organic. HOTRI is ISO 14001- and EMAS II-certified.



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Email: hotri@hotri.dk 

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